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I give my permission for _______ to take part in A Chance to Run Track & Field Clinic This participant, to the best of my knowledge is in good physical condition and has no known conditions that may cause a health risk to themselves or another participant. I understand that Track & Field and other outdoor activities have an inherent risk factor, and that all appropriate precautions will be taken for the partcipant. I give my permission to A Chance to Run and it’s volunteers and/or hospital staff to administer proper medical assistance to the the above named participant. I agree to release and hold harmelss A Chance to Run, it’s volunteer’s and benefactors from liability for all claims, including but not limited to, claims caused by or arising out of bodily injury or property damage resulting in any way from my participation in this Track & Field Clinic. I understand that there is no affliation with Sarasota County School System.